Inner Quest: Unlock Your Career Potential Course

Upgrade your career vision and internal OS for peak performance and meaningful rewards through expert frameworks and certified coaching

The final cohorts for 2024 are open for enrollment:
Sep 9—Oct 17, 2024 | Oct 14—Nov 21, 2024

What you'll get out of this course

Inner Quest Learning Journey

✅ Week 1: Course Orientation

✅ Week 2: Compose a compelling vision of your destiny

✅ Week 3: Design who you must become to realize your vision

✅ Week 4: Create freedom to accelerate toward your vision

✅ Week 5: Activate your vision and best self to transform

✅ Week 6: Convince yourself by saying your story out loud

This course includes

📹 12 Interactive live sessions

📒 20+ Modules with 20+ in-depth lessons

🛠️ Capstone project to synthesize your learning

🤝 Private Slack community of peers

♻️ Lifetime access to updated course materials

 📞 Direct access to expert coach

💡 Guided feedback & reflection

🌟 Bonus: 1:1 coaching session after course 

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James Gray


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To empower 100 million individuals globally to unlock their unique potential and guide innovative businesses in leveraging data and AI technology so that they achieve a competitive edge.

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Course Syllabus

📅 Week 1: Course Orientation

📅 Week 2: Compose a compelling story of your destiny

📒 Module 2.0: Compose a compelling story of what you want and why

A vision story is a vivid description of your compelling destiny.

To get what you want in life, you must be clear about what you want and why. You will compose a vivid story of your life in the near future. You must say your story out loud to make it real for you and others who support you.

📒 Module 2.1: Discover your values to align decisions with what is most important to you

Values are the flashlight and compass that guide your life.

You will live your best life when you are guided by the values that you hold most important. You will discover your values and the underlying behaviors, demonstrating how you walk the talk so you can live authentically and make choices intentionally.

📒 Module 2.2: Reframe your self-limiting beliefs to neutralize what is holding you back

Beliefs are what you see as true and are the invisible force that controls your habits and potential.

Self-affirming beliefs create energy, while self-limiting beliefs have negative consequences that constrain what is possible. You will examine your self-limiting beliefs and their impact, then how to reframe and crush them so that you can unlock personal growth.

📒 Module 2.3: Invent your purpose to guide you toward meaningful work

Purpose is what you are driven to achieve and is the guiding star that shapes your direction.

That's why tapping into your inner voice and uniqueness is foundational to directing how you spend your time and energy. You will learn how to invent a purpose statement so that you pursue a unique path and value proposition that is fulfilling.

📒 Module 2.4: Design compelling goals to drive focus and engagement

Compelling goals provide focus, direction, and energy.

Without clear goals, you will wander, waste time, and never quite reach your true potential. You will design a set of goals so that you are clear about what you want and why.

📅 Week 3: Design who you must become to realize your vision

📒 Module 3.0: Design who you must become to realize your vision

📒 Module 3.1: Create your new identity to restructure your mind

Identity defines who you are and generates patterns of results consistent with how your identity is structured.

That's why evolving your identity is key to realizing different outcomes in your life. You will learn how to build a whole-person identity so that you can create a vision of who you want to become that delivers your desired outcomes.

📒 Module 3.2: Design a value proposition to clarify your offer

📒 Module 3.3: Structure behaviors that deliver your desired outcomes

Behaviors and rituals directly produce outcomes in your life that are influenced by unconscious self-limiting beliefs, repeated experiences, and assumptions. That's why it's key to inspect how your behaviors serve you. You will learn to critique your behaviors and design rituals that emanate from your identity to deliver your desired outcomes.

📒 Module 3.4: Distill principles to enforce the behaviors that get you what you want

Principles are the "rules" for behavior that gets you what you want out of life.

Over time, we discover what decisions and actions work and those that fail to deliver on our goals. You will create a list of rules derived from your values to enforce your behaviors and make better decisions faster and easier.

📒 Module 3.5: Connect with your emotions to derive meaning and manage energy

Emotions are what you feel and influence everything you do in life.

Positive emotions accelerate the path to your true potential, while negative emotions hold you back. That's why gaining an understanding and meaning of emotions is essential. You will name and measure your emotions and learn to derive deeper consciousness of their influence.

📅 Week 4: Create freedom to accelerate toward your vision

📒 Module 4.0: Create freedom to accelerate toward your vision

📒 Module 4.1: Construct boundaries to protect yourself and create independence

Boundaries define what is yours and not yours.

You are responsible for your life - that's why it's critical to be clear about your property line. You will learn how to construct and communicate boundaries so that you take ownership of your life, reduce conflicts, and protect yourself from the unforgiving realities of human nature.

📒 Module 4.2: Decide what you must let go of to travel further faster

Over time, you collect experiences, relationships, and possessions that shape your identity. 

That's why it's important to identify baggage that prevents you from becoming the next best version of yourself. You will explore and decide what to leave behind so that you can make space and lighten the load to venture into new territory of your career vision.

📒 Module 4.3: Embrace your dark side to increase drive and overcome fear

Getting what you want requires you to bring out your instinct and go to a place you have never been.

You play various roles in life that require you to show up and perform when and where it counts. That's why you must tap into the power of your dark side and invent a Heroic Self that performs on the most important stages of your career and life. You will learn how to design an alter ego and create a secret identity to unlock your true career potential.

📒 Module 4.4: Invent your Alter Ego to perform like a superhero when and where it counts

📒 Module 4.5: Synthesize your unique skills to master your value proposition

Skills are the abilities or proficiencies acquired through training or experience.

Skills enable a person to perform a particular job or task effectively. You will synthesize a list of skills to help identify your strengths and the skills you want to develop to pursue your vision and identity.

📒 Module 4.6 Compose technology to automate tasks and free up time

📅 Week 5: Activate your vision and best self to transform

📒 Module 5.0: Activate your best self to transform

📒 Module 5.1: Recruit mentors to master your craft with less effort and time

📒 Module 5.2: Secure a partner to hold you accountable to your goals

📒 Module 5.3: Build a powerful network to boost visibility and influence

📒 Module 5.4 Formulate a plan to build skills that strengthen your value prop

📒Module 5.5: Build a memorable brand to stand out

📅 Week 6: Convince yourself by saying it out loud

During this last session, you will take everything you learned and share how you plan to activate your best self and mindset shift to unlock your career potential. This is an opportunity to celebrate and share who you met on this inner quest!

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