Hello, this James Gray

As a UC Berkeley-trained Data and AI Strategist, I partner with innovative companies as a fractional expert, helping them gain a competitive edge through advanced technology and leadership.

Previous roles include Chief Information Officer, Chief Product Officer, and Data Scientist & Leader at Microsoft for ten years.

At the prestigious Berkeley Haas School of Business, I teach data and AI strategy, guiding the next generation of business technology leaders.

I help students, tech professionals, and leaders upgrade their vision and internal OS to unlock their best selves and full potential.

James the Data & AI Strategist

I am a former CIO, CPO, and Data Executive who is a fractional technology leader to innovative companies seeking to accelerate business outcomes through data, artificial intelligence (AI), and people. 

I have built software products and technology platforms at startups and leading companies like Microsoft.  

James the Academic

I am a learning facilitator at my alma mater, the Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley, for two executive education courses: Data Strategy: Leveraging Data as a Competitive Advantage and Artificial Intelligence: Business Strategies and Applications.

James the Coach

I coach driven and courageous tech leaders, professionals, and university students who seek peak performance and growth in their true potential while doing work they love.

I also mentor Data Science graduate students at the UC Berkeley School of Information, where I earned a Master's in Information and Data Science.

My Purpose

To empower 100 million individuals globally to innovate to their full potential and guide leading businesses in leveraging data and AI technology so that they achieve a competitive edge.  🚀

Data and AI Strategy Consulting

As a trusted expert, I create business value from data and artificial intelligence, including data strategy, product strategy, use cases, roadmaps, technology supplier selection, organization design and restructuring, go-to-market, technology implementation, talent strategy, and more. 

I also provide contract executive leadership for organizations requiring short-term support.

For fractional data, AI, product management, and leadership development opportunities, please contact me on LinkedIn or 🤖 james@graydata.ai.

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